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Sh.Ahmed Salam, Kuwait

Borama Somaliland


Awdal Hospital

Awdal hospital is a small non-profit making mini hospital with multitasks situated in eastern part of Borama which is the capital city of Awdal province Somaliland. Borama as UNDP stated in 2005 had estimated population of 215616. Awdal Hospital was created by 6 health care providers in October 2017 for the purpose of provision of better evidence based medical care to the community. The founders of Awdal hospital area. Most of the population in city and villages around it are almost poor and we serve that population whose their income is almost less than 1 $ per day per person, they depend on support they get from their relative diaspora. We started with 4 rooms with 12 beds, delivery room and operation room with one operating table, we had increased to 14 room, where 2 of them can be used isolation and private rooms, with 38 beds, two operation rooms with one operating table each, one labor room with two delivery beds.

We give different kinds services containing in-patient and out-patient, including pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology, medical and we had added some surgical procedures two after the establishment of the hospital. We work 24hrs/day 7 days/week 

Our staff contains 5 senior doctors available all time at least one of them and two GP doctors who cover night duties and consult with senior doctors, 4 midwives 7 nurses who switches between the shifts, 2 laboratory technicians who cover 12hours per day 3 pharmacy staffs 4 cleaners and 1 security person, all the staffs are paid except doctors especially who take less than what they would deserve to.

 We work a rented houses which we redesign but our long term plan is to get and build our own base predesigned for a hospital, also our long term plan is to do regular continuous seminars  to increase and update the knowledge and skills of our staffs as well as public awareness to teach the community the right time when to seek medical consultation and how avoid preventable disease and decrease the risks of non-preventable diseases 

Dr Hodal jama Abdi, MD, MFM, MHPE  who is the executive director of the hospital, lecturer of Amoud undergraduate medical school  and the founder of Borama regional hospital neonatal unit

 Dr Fathia Mohamed Nour, MD, MFM, MHPE who is the fianance officer of Awdal hospital, lecturer of post graduate family medicine Amoud University 

Dr Muna Mohamed Mahfud MD, MFM, MHPE  she is attending physuician at Awdal hospital, the director of Amoud University  postgraduate Family medicine 

Dr Sabah Mohamed Muse MD MFM MHPE attending senior physician at Awdal Hospital and lecturer at post graduate family medicine Amoud University 

Dr Mohiaden Hassan Jama MD MFM and General Surgery Residency Yekatit Hospital Medical College

RN Faiza Abdi Haddi  

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RN.Faiza Abdi Haddi


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